Alphagraft Hair Implant Inc. is an upcoming business with lots of potential. We provide personal service and Alphagraft quality is assured. We offer service assistance to guarantee your satisfaction in our products. The business has been in the making since 2011 and we are always looking for new ways to grow and expand. Compared to our competitors you won't find a better price than here at Alphagraft. We look forward to working with you and your patients in the near future.

Lighting the way to new precision hair implantation!

We offer quality FUE hair transplant devices. We have listened to doctors and hair implant technicians along with engineers to see what they needed in FUE hair transplant instruments. It is our pleasure to offer products that meet their needs and expectations. We offer a great selection of FUE hair transplant products designed for professionals to use on their patients.

We Provide:

  • Certified workmanship
  • Well-made products
  • Affordable units and parts

We are so confident that our customers will enjoy our products that we do not require a contract. We are always improving our products so that our customers can enjoy having high end products for reasonable prices. Our FUE hair restoration devices can help your patients to look their best. Our FUE hair restoration instruments will provide you with a reliable way to take care of your patient's needs. Our FUE hair restoration products are unique and cost efficient.

We offer a variety of FUE hair transplant devices. You can easily remove hair from one site of your patient's body to the balding area with our special equipment. You can help your patients to have beautiful and thick hair again.

You can use our FUE hair implant devices to give your patient's their confidence back. We know that a full head of hair can do wonders for a person's self-esteem. It is our goal to offer quality and reasonably priced FUE hair implant instruments that will change a person's life. You can rely on all of the FUE hair implant products that you purchase from our company.

We are proud to offer the best FUE hair transplant instruments. We can help to make your life a lot easier by having the proper tools to help your patients. We stand behind our products, and our goal is to help as many customers as possible. We offer excellent customer service, so if you have any questions we can help you quickly and easily. When you buy FUE hair transplant devices, you are choosing products that are created to make the process of hair restoration even better!