With the help of experience hair implant technicians, doctors, and various engineers we have made our products to their exact expectations.

  • Electric unit gives no opportunity for the threat of air driven suck back of infected laden air; as compared to other devices.
  • No contract is required
  • Pure constant light for clear vision and Trans illumination of grafting hair follicles to determine angles, for quick accurate plantation
  • Simple Alphagraft retrieval from close and easy accessible controlled traps
  • Electric grafting care drill with positive drive, programmable speeds and torque
  • Virtually all autoclave-able parts on the Alphagraft products
  • Instant vacuum on/off pedal with total controlled trap
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Alphagrafts are kept moist to prevent dehydration at capture site with automatic touch water control
  • Certified workmanship and maintenance
  • Least expensive unit and parts on the market
  • Now Available in an easy to use encased rolling portable station for the tech on the go
  • The vacuum retrieval tip is also custom designed by experience hair implant technicians; with or without a light